Passion Fruit-Flavored Miami

That’s Santigold.

At this point, if you live in Miami, have Internet access and a Facebook page, you know Absolut launched its sixth city-inspired flavor last night at the lawn at the Fontainebleau. We’ve made it! We’re a vodka! Absolut Miami. The colorful bottle packed a citrus punch with orange blossom and passion fruit, which is a much nicer flavor to give this city than many of us locals could have come up with. Fruity. Miami is a fruity city. We’re full of fruity people and well-ripened activities. But we’ll get to that.

Mojitos in hand, the crowd at the event got loud and happy when Santigold took the stage. Yeah, Santigold. Considering we live in a place bands just glaze right over when making touring schedules, you have to admit, this was kind of a big deal.

As she, her two back-up dancers and a funny-wigged DJ took the stage, the crowd started jumping up and down, mojitos in hand. But it’s all good. The drinks were free, so spilling was completely acceptable.

Santigold only played three songs, which was kind of a bummer. We wanted more. We all wanted more. But, in terms of free events, you really can’t complain. Oh wait, I just did.

Afterward, however, Miami got fruity again, as where Santigold once stood and performed, now white bathing suit-clad models took over, dancing in a giant box that looked like a prop from Hollywood Squares with neon pink lights. And the crowd like it. To go from Santigold to bathing suit and sarong-covered models, is well, only really acceptable in Miami. Especially when you add neon pink lights.

The marketing geniuses at Absolut know Miami just wants models in boxes, dancing the night away.

And that, along with passion fruit and orange blossom, is how we roll in this city. Free drinks, dancing models and for a few brief minutes, some really cool tunes.

Speaking of really cool tunes, I’m going to throw some suggestions for a playlist together for you to kick off your Friday night.

Give this a try:

Destroyer’s “Kaputt”

Metric’s “Gold, Guns, Girls”

Friends’ “I’m His Girl”

Future Islands “Balance”

and (because it’s been on constant repeat in my life)

Empire of the Sun’s “Walking on a Dream”

You may want to throw some Zola Jesus in there, too. You’ll find that happening live at Bardot on the 9th.