Painting on Miami's Top Nail Trends at Nail Bar

Behold: Nail polish. Able to perk up a girl’s mood with a single brushstroke.

Miami girls, we love our mani/pedis. I personally got bit by the bug when my bestie Maria T. guided me to Brownes on Lincoln Road (back in its hey day), long before the now-gone upstairs even existed. It didn’t even have sinks back in those days. Just big old flowered bowls you plunked your feet into. Since then, I live for a mani /pedi. There’s just something about swabbing a little paint on your nails that makes you feel girly, even if you are makeup-less, dressed from head-to-toe in sweaty workout gear and feeling like a zombie.

All of that is why I volunteered my nails for a Deco Drive segment about nail trends at Nail Bar in Midtown today — that an a free mani. Who can resist? The fingertips at the salon were decked out in everything from Burberry and Chanel to neons, spring colors, magnetic waves, even Louboutin manis (when the backside is red, just like the soles of the brand’s iconic shoes). No matter how outlandish, how difficult, how detailed, Nail Bar nailed each mani, even with the next outdoing the last. As a beauty writer, I’d like to think I’ve seen it all. But even I was blown away by some of the offerings at this shoot. Hello, Magneto. Keep reading, we’ll get to that. So what did I get: a classic half moon. Just like the one Dita Von Teese sports.

First, start with all white. Let it dry. Even long after you think it’s dry, keep waiting.

Next, apply stickers. Then, paint everywhere stickers aren’t touching. Wait even longer then you think again for paint to try, then gently, and I mean suave, suave, suave, peel back the sticker. Add a top coat and voila!

Half moon mani.

Where I opted for classic, others went for completely out of the box. Like Annie’s newspaper mani. Such a cute idea. The newspaper rubs off on nails and leaves the print.

Newspaper mani.

And then there was the amazing Magneto mani. This one actually uses magnets and magnetically charged polish to create ripples in your polish. The end result looks like a cross between ocean waves and tie-dye. Or an Etch-a-Sketch.

Magneto mani. The process involves using a magnet over the polish to create the ripple effect.

There were also enough designer-inspired manis to make on think you were strolling Canal Street: Gucci, Chanel, Hermes, Burberry, if you can wear it as a handbag, Nail Bar can recreate it on your nails. Wearing Prada tonight? Why not get a matching mani? At least now you know you can.

The Gucci mani.

Chanel meets neon. Photo courtesy of Nail Bar.

Burberry. Photo courtesy of Maria Arguello.

Look for Deco Drive to show off even more designs soon. And heaven forbid, give that plain old pink polish a rest and go for something new.

Nail Bar is located at 3301 N.E. First Ave., in Midtown 4.