The Great Outdoors

{Dress: Touch Boutique. Shoes: Aldo. Bracelet: c/o Express. Photographed by me.}

I’ve always told myself I would make over the backyard just as soon as I finished the inside of the house. Well, that finally happened, so it was time to move to the great outdoors. I’m three weeks in and there’s still a summer’s worth left to tackle. First stop: Ikea for lawn furniture. Here’s the thing about Ikea, you can’t just go there once and get everything you need. Tomorrow they will have the final cushion you need for your couch. Tomorrow they will have the stand for your umbrella. Tomorrow you will have to drive 45 minutes, buy your kiddo mac and cheese again, pray to god they got in the last cushion you need, end up buying three more things you didn’t anticipate, run over your foot 15 times by those damn shopping cart wheels that spin in all directions and then drive another 45 minutes home, patting yourself on the back for resisting the permeating smell of cinnamon roll.

That same day, I stopped at Costco and snagged these tables. The Volvo is surprisingly accommodating for redecorating. I’m not sure Milly would agree with that statement, considering she was trapped in the backseat with an umbrella resting on her toes and a round table smooshed up against her head. But we did it. Find more outdoor furniture here.

I’ve also put flowers in my plant stands that have been empty for three years. The only place to put them is in direct sunlight and I’m on my third trip to Home Depot with dead plants, trying to find something that can take 12 hours of sun and my black (not green) thumb. Milly and I also planted a strawberry plant, hung orchids in the trees (all the while screaming as tiny frogs jumped out of the planters and headed right toward me) and have plans to put a garden somewhere.

My next mission, fill the trees with white lights for a little ambiance, none of which I did in this mint green dress from Touch. I actually snagged that to wear to my first post-divorce wedding. And that’s a whole other story for a whole other post. But hey, it matched my umbrella and I’m damn proud of how I’ve pulled all this together, so why not celebrate with something a little on the fancy side? Right?