What’s Your Story?

I’ve always had a thing for lockets, I guess what I love is how they conceal something inside. And when I discovered Living Lockets from Origami Owl, it was love at first sight. How cute, a see-locket, where you get to choose its insides to create a story of your life. Adorable. It’s why I named it the best gift ever. A few weeks ago the creator behind the line came to town and I got to sit down and talk with her. Bella, a recent high school grad, is the brains behind the now multi-million dollar company. She’ll head off to college this fall, where I asked her what she plans to study. Her answer? Business. But with the success of her jewelry company, a company she literally started with $350, something tells me she could teach the classes in her business track herself.

Bella was kind enough to invite me to make my own necklaces. I made one for my mom and one for Mills, as she’s been asking for one since I received mine as a birthday gift. I filled them with little charms that reminded me of the two of them. For Milly, I gave her an M, as well as a rainbow (her favorite), a watering can for the time we spend gardening, her birthstone, a cupcake (because that’s what my mom calls her), ice cream (because we both love our trips to The Frieze) and a sunshine because “You Are My Sunshine” is the song I’ve always sang to her. She was so thrilled when she got it after camp that it made me beyond happy. Bella is a smart cookie, who not only created a company that’s adorable, it’s meaningful, too.

What would you put in your locket?