Tales from NYFW


{Wearing: Jumpsuit: c/o T.J. Maxx. Bag: c/o T.J. Maxx. Shoes: Gucci via Consign of the Times. Hat: c/o Kore. Photographed by Jorge Camaraza.}


After a month of living out of suitcases for weekend jaunts here and there, I’ve finally settled back into life in Miami, which means it’s time to get my fingers back on the keyboard and tell the tales of my adventures. This year, New York Fashion Week called and I answered by hopping a plane and heading to one of my favorite cities. I knew this year was going to be different from years’ past. For starters, there was no central hub for the shows. Instead, they were at venues across the city, which meant darting here, there and everywhere. Also, I had a partner in crime for the trip, Jorge. I told him before going, “We’re going to play dress up for the week, so pack good and pack hard.” And he did. In fact, at one point, he turned to me and said, “I have four pairs of shoes for this trip.” My response: “Welcome to Fashion Week. We’re gonna need the big bag.”

I love New York. Any chance I get to the be there is one I’ll jump at. When you mix Fashion Week with my favorite city, well, kismet. But my mindset for Fashion Week this year was different than ever before, and I think that’s mostly because the setup itself set the tone. Rather than playing pinball and bouncing from one end of Manhattan to the other, I picked the shows that meant the most to me and those are the ones I attended. And only those. Afterward, I explored the city with one of my favorite people by my side, stopping to take pics at beautiful backdrops, tasting amazing foods, chasing pigeons in the name of Snapchat, taking in fashion inspiration and just breathing in what the Big Apple had to offer.

Highlights from the fashion side of the trip included backstage at Mara Hoffman and seeing the Cushnine et Ochs show at Milk Studios (all to come). My city adventures centered around a street fair in Little Italy, where I had a cannoli from a bakery that’s been around since New York practically started, and dancing on the rooftop at the Standard Highline (those to come as well). I also rode the subway for the first time in some 15 years. And I fully blame the shows being all over the map for the revisit, which served as an amazing backdrop and a good source of entertainment, too.

What I took with me from this Fashion Week was this: Casual Fridays are king. Dressing up is done. On the streets of New York, in the front row of shows, behind the scenes, it’s all a casual affair. In lieu of cigarette pants, Chanel blazers and matching bags and shoes, were a nation of distressed denim-wearing, boho or moto-inspired junkies with a thing for oddities. What I mean by that last one is each outfit has something off about it. Something that doesn’t belong, yet somehow ties it all together. Sure, I miss a reason to get dressed up to the nines in something that looks like it comes from the pages of Vogue, instead off of your bedroom floor or a local thrift store, but I get the new “it.” It’s casual, its comfortable and it gets you from day to night. It has edge. It’s not stuffy. It’s modern. I have to admit, that aside from this look from Fashion Week, which I scored at T.J. Maxx and consider my most dressed-up look of the trip, I, too, bought into the less is more mentality. The other thing I mentally noted from the shows, streets and so fourth: dark lipstick is no longer relegated to fall and winter. And the ’70s are alive and well.



IMG_3619Meet Jorge. Not only is he cute and funny, he wields a camera like a pro. Side note, that whole thing about every girl being crazy about a sharp dressed man—true.