NYFW Day 2: What I Wore and Why

{Wearing: Top: Shorts: Blank NYC at Shoes: Valentino. Bag: Chanel. Hat: Vintage. Sunnies: c/o Christian Roth. Necklace: c/o Isa Boutique. Bracelets: Vintage. Photographed by Angeles Almuna.}

I was having a serious chat with Steffy Degreff yesterday about September in New York. As a Miamian, I get all sorts of magazines in September chocked full of fall fashion. Tights! Sweaters! Leather! Jackets! For a girl who lives in 90-something degree heat the majority of the year, a trip to NYFW in September is a chance to finally wear all those things you question why you buy in the first place. So, as I packed my bag for New York Fashion Week, I threw in all the things I won’t be able to wear again until that one random week in December. Hell, I packed three pairs of booties and five (yes, FIVE) jackets. And then I got here. I stepped off the plane and the thick, almost wearable humidity hit me in the face like my little sleep ninja. It’s the same damn temperature here as it is in Miami. What the hell? After battling day one in a leather obi and boots, I conceded defeat on day two. I went for shorts and a tee with an open back. And I threw on every accessory I could to add a little chic into my casual, including my most favorite hat in the entire world that I plucked from a thrift store about a decade ago. In the end, I looked like I was channeling a retro French actress, which I’m totally OK with. This is, after all, fashion week, which is a weird world of dress up. But we’ll get to that soon enough.  And—most importantly—I didn’t melt. As for those girls running around in thigh-high boots and sweaters, God bless you. I can honestly say, I don’t know how you do it.

Apparently, long live summer.