Now in progress: The Gilt City Warehouse Sale

Winter Kate for $19. Go ahead, Rachel Zoe, die.

I knew my sleepless suffering through J-school and working in loud, freezing-cold newsrooms would pay off at some point in my life. That point happened to be last night when I made my way to the media preview of the Gilt City Warehouse Sale. Imagine, if you will, a large warehouse (the Miami Event Space at 7610 N.E. Fourth Court) filled with designer clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, etc … at a portion of the price. I’ve never seen more media mavens running around with an armload of clothes before in my life. Then, we tromped up the stairs and headed to the dressing room (lit by literal spotlights — and you thought the dressing room light sitch at Victoria’s Secret was deplorable), where we swapped whatever didn’t fit. Several standout moments from the night included Belkys Nerey desperately trying to find someone to fit into a $300 Alexander McQueen frock (God love her) and at least five of us trying on and going home with the same Winter Kate jumpsuit. Speaking of which, that was the deal of the century. Winter Kate for $19. Nineteen dollars. One-nine dollars. God, I love my job. Find your own Winter Kate wonder, as the sale goes on through Sunday.

Behold: Gilt City Warehouse Sale.