New Thing: Stick It

Stick ‘em up.

Having a blog propels you to do lots of things. Sometimes, things you’d never normally do. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. So, once a week, I’m peer pressuring myself to test out the waters and try something out of my comfort zone. This week: Stick-on manicures. For some odd reason (I think it’s my work sked), I’ve gotten stuck on a Wednesday mani/pedi rotation, which means come Sunday, I’m all chipped out. Solution: manicure stickers, or, as Sally Hansen calls them Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. I found these are my local Target over in the nail polish aisle. That’s about as close to real nail polish as they come, being found in the nail polish aisle. Options abound, from solid with glitter to lace, flowers, stripes and other tacky crap I’d never be caught dead in more. I went with flowers because I thought they were the lesser evil.

Ten days, eh?

As a Minx veteran, I was familiar with how the process goes. You peel this cover off, peel that cover off, stick, crease, pull and file. The whole process takes about 15 minutes (which is waaaay faster than trying to paint your own nails. Especially when left hand is trying to paint right hand. I mean, come on, who can do that?) The box claims these do-dads stay on for 10 days. I got about three hours out of my right hand. However, left hand is still going strong. I’m wondering if this, too, has to do with my lack of ambidexterity. Damn you, left hand. You totally don’t need nail polish remover to get them off. Just peel. It is, after all, a sticker. I actually reapplied four fingers on right hand (and if you’re savvy, you can use the opposite end of the one you just put on your first hand to do other hand, so you have extras).

Afterward, I washed two dogs, took a shower, did yoga twice and played with kid. Still kickin’, but the tips are starting to chip on thumbs. Thumbs, by the way, are super hard to get right. Apparently, having them does not make us a dominant species when it comes to putting stickers on your nails. That whole sentence alone should explain why. Try it, you’ll see what I mean.

Despite feeling slightly Jersey-fabulous, I’m going to take these out for an event tonight.

And yeah, I made another mani appointment for tomorrow. But if you’re in a naked nail lurch, give these a go. For $8, what do you have to lose?

Jersey fabulous or just plain fabulous?