New Hair App Alert: Stylez App


{Finally, a new app that makes locking down celeb styles easy peasy.}

I’m about to utter two words that will change the future of your hair forever: Stylez App from Hair Construction.

Here’s why: You walk into a salon with a pic of super celeb’s hair ‘do. You wave said pic in front of your stylist. You sit through your new mane-in-the-making while visions of great new hair dance around in your head. You spin around for your big reveal and …. It’s not anything like the look in your pic.

It’s time to end bad hair. Forever.

And just exactly how can you make that happen? By donating to the Stylez App Kickstarter campaign.

The app, which, in and of itself, is a pretty brilliant concept, comes from the Hair Construction team in Europe. Twice a year, the team, who work on the big stage for L’Oreal, Wella, American Crew and more, unites for photo shoots where they create video recipes and blueprint instructions for hairdressers, who can use the recipes to create world-class looks.

Here’s where you come in: Instead of ripping pages from Vogue for hair-spiration, you can take those recipes to your stylist via your phone or iPad, so you can have the hair you want without any guess work.

The app, which is set to launch in August, includes 400-plus looks that your stylist can recreate using the step-by-step blueprint. To see some of the styles, check this out. 

Simply show the app’s how-to video and instructions to your own stylist or choose from one of the 12,000 stylists who are part of the Stylez App network, all of which have the hairstyle recipes already in their phones. It’s a major improvement on the “make me look like this celeb” pic you rip out of a glossy and bring to the chair. Because, let’s face it, those photos come with limited views. And a lot of times, your stylist is left guessing on how to make the look you desire work.

To donate to the Kickstarter campaign so you can kiss bad hair goodbye, log on here

Initially, Stylez App will feature up-do videos with celeb styles.

Suddenly, your SkyMotion app isn’t the coolest thing on your phone.