Boho Summer

{Dress: c/o Necessary Clothing Tribal Terrain. Hat: H&M. Jewelry: Vintage. Shoes: Jessica Simpson.}

My friend Erin says I should be a stream of consciousness writer. So here goes nothing: Random Thoughts by Ginger: 

I want one of everything on Catbird NYC

I can’t sleep unless I’m under a pile of blankets (no matter how hot it is).

When I need a laugh, She Has Had It (follow on Instagram, thank me later) is the answer.

There is a biblical plague of frogs in Miami Beach right now based on the number of them I find in my yard on a daily basis.

I really want to like wind chimes, but I just don’t.

Chocolate sorbet on a sugar cone is the closest thing I can find to edible happiness.

The last time I saw fireflies, I was in New York. The time before that I was 8. 

Blue nail polish scares me. Yellow nail polish gives me a full-blown panic attack.

I don’t like watermelon and someone once told me I’m a communist because of it. 🙁

If you rub orange rind on your skin, mosquitos will leave you alone.

I refer to my dogs as Yorkshire Terrorists.

When you tire of the Daft Punk album (yes, it will eventually be possible) listen to “This Must Be the Place” by The Talking Heads.

I want to be Lisa Vanderpump when I grow up.

Oh, and last but not least: When you mix patterns, like my dress and shoes above, make sure there’s some common ground. I lucked out and got two in this outfit: The whole tribal thing and the color combo. FYI: This Necessary Clothing dress is the most comfy and easy to wear dress ever.

Photographed by the extremely awesome Maria Tettamanti of The Wordy Girl.