Chances are, my one nail is waaaay cooler than your 10.

After coveting a girl at Soho’s nail, I found my way to The Standard to get my own fingertip conversation piece from Dzine’s Imperial Nails Presented by Perrier at The Standard Spa. The nail art comes courtesy of DZine. It’s a lingering Basel event, an art installation built around nails. Be still my beating heart. The Chicago-based artist transformed a room at the Standard into a copy of his childhood living room, where his mom ran a bootleg nail salon. With ugly brown carpet, plastic runner rugs, a TV in a wooden cabinet on the floor and plants hanging in ’70s rope baskets, it felt a lot like a living room from my own childhood. Inside, the gals from Tippie Toes shared the scoop on Dzine’s works of art. His book, “Nailed,” came about after a research trip to the library yielded nothing about nail culture. Hair, yup. Makeup, sure. Nails, nada. “Nailed” goes into detail about Egyptians and their nails, as well as how ancient Asian cultures expected men to sport longer-than-average tips. What also came about were Dzine’s blinged-out nail masterpieces. These monstrous, curved, black nails are on display alongside the offerings patrons are allowed to have. They are simply spectacular.

Take your pick.

Amid Eiffel Towers, spikes, chains and ice cream cones, I opted for a turquoise nail with loads of flower detail. The flowers come from old costume jewelry. Gal pal Marcella opted for a silver heron. The nails are handmade by the girls at Tippie Toes, and it takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour to assemble the artful pieces. Application, however, takes but a few minutes and the length of time it takes to paint your remaning nails. While we were getting our nails “did,” Marcella and I became part of Dzine’s installation by doing exactly what he wanted: girl chat while we put on our war paint. And afterward, I walked away with a piece of art. And what a piece it was. I literally got stopped all day afterward with people snapping pics of my super nail with their iPhones. When I told them they could get it themselves at the Standard, their little eyes rolled back up into their heads. But it’s only going on for one more week, so make your appointment with now. It’s mandatory. A special time block will be set aside for Daily Candy readers on Sunday. Deets to come on Thursday (read: Sign up for Daily Candy Miami!).

Be sure to also ask about treasure nails. It’s a speciality of Tippie Toes and an absolute must for NYE.

Marcella’s bird.

Flower power.