My Sketchy Friend

That’s Erin, doin’ her thang.

Miami has a fairly significant talent pool (though you have to look beyond the multilayers of plastic surgery and wannabe models dancing on tables at Mansion in the wee hours of Sunday morn to find it). But nevertheless, it’s here. Proof: Erin Chainani.

On Wednesday night, Erin took over a table at the Miami magazine party at Viscayne and got sketchy. She drew portraits of the countless party-goers and then colored them in with a vast array of neon shades. And if there is anything Miamians love, it’s pics of themselves.

The real deal (love, love, love the hair and sweater, by the way).

Erin’s take.

Erin, a Harvard grad, got started sketching in Miami when Sketchy Miami launched its let’s-draw-everyone-in-Miami-movement. I actually have a pic or two of me on the site. And Erin has a host of sketches there, too. Since then, she’s become a fixture at events, like the Collection’s BCA party, MAM events and Miami magazine soirees. Apparently, sketch artists at events are the new black, er, orange, er, neon, er whatever the new color these days is. (Seriously, who can keep up?).

But Erin isn’t just a party favor, she also works in art for kids. Her site, First Friends, lets you send in a pic of your first toy love, and then she draws it up for you. It’s kind of like the best gift idea ever. Plus, her work will be up for auction at the NWS gala happening in February.

See, talent —real talent—does exist in Miami. And we have the artist’s proof to prove it.