Fall Staples: The White Tee and Leather Skirt


{Wearing: Philanthropy White Tee: c/o My Home Fashion Boutique. Rebecca Minkoff Leather Skirt: c/o My Home Fashion Boutique. Tied Up Choker Necklace: c/o Sterling Forever. Maroon Suede Heels: c/o T.J. Maxx. Makeup: c/o Glamsquad with Celina Beach Artistry. Hair: c/o Glamsquad with Barbie Annitto   Photographed by Danielle Margherite Photography LLC.}



Fall in Miami is a tricky thing. You want to dress for it. You want so badly to dress for it, but the weather won’t let you. And that’s why Miami girls have to do fall a little differently. In the next few days, I’ll be sharing my essentials for fall—Miami fall, anyway—all of which you can find at My Home Fashion Boutique, an awesome new store in Miami at 14681 Biscayne Blvd. To kick things off, let’s start with two basics: A classic white tee and a leather skirt. The ’70s and ’90s are making a big revival this season, and these two pieces fit in with not one of those eras, they actually fit with both. I opted for a distressed tee from Philanthropy, with the distressed part visible on the collar. When it comes to the skirt, I went for an A-line shape that buttons up from Rebecca Minkoff. Trust me, you will see these everywhere this season—and for good reason. They are awesome. A leather skirt and fall are a absolute must. But keep it timely with the shape, opt for A-line. This one just happens to feel like butter, too. Yum. The best part of both of these pieces, though, is how interchangeable they both are. Pair this tee with jeans, another skirt, even shorts (and boots—because boots with anything other than shorts just yet with melt you). And this skirt, it’s as easy to dress up as it is to dress down. Add a top with a little shimmer and you are good to go out. Toss on a cardi when the temps finally allow for it and you’re ready to tackle the daytime. Your best accessory for both (especially right now with Hurricane Matthew swirling around out there): an umbrella. It’s honestly the piece you will wear the most this fall, in Miami, anyway. I just happened to match mine with my shoes.




When it comes to fall hair and makeup, well, look no further than your Glamsquad app. I clicked on mine and scored not one but two touchdowns with Celina Beach Artistry for makeup and Barbie Annitto for hair. We went with loose curls with lots of volume on top for my mane. And when it came to makeup, we opted for liner and nude lips with lots of attention to the eyes. Subtle but chic and easily transitional from day to night by just swapping in a lip hue in a darker shade. Because makeup, just like your clothes, should also be easily transitional this season.