{Wearing: My Home Fashion Boutique Knit Hoodie. Hair: c/o Glamsquad with Vanessa Placeres. Makeup: c/o Glamsquad with  Celina Beach Artistry. Photographed by Danielle Margherite Photography LLC}

Here we are, the first day of March (my favorite month for the sole reason that it’s the one in which I, my kiddo and my man were all born—all within a week of each other, nonetheless).

We’re 19 days away from spring. Here I am in a hooded sweater with a bikini bottom, because that’s just about the only way we Miamians are able to wear sweaters. Plus, this knit guy was made for the beach—and a sundown bonfire. A Miami girl can dream, right?

That whole thing about winter is coming … yeah, when? It didn’t happen. And I’m not complaining one bit about it. It was cool enough to wear over-the-knee boots for a few days. I donned a jacket after dark maybe once, twice max. And I’ve pretty much spent the entire “winter” in a bikini. That, my friends, is why I live here. Through the horrible drivers, the hair flattening humidity, the carseat so warm you can hear your skin sizzling as you place the back of your thighs on it. Yup, that’s all worth it for winter-less winters. So if you see me here in my hoodie, from the amazing My Home Fashion Boutique in North Miami, and wonder why I have it on when the weather is so pleasant, know that it goes well with the beach as the sun is setting, when on an off chance it’s chilly enough for a sweater—and no pants. And sometimes the AC gets a little colder than it should and I need something to snuggle up in. This especially applies to any grocery store, movie theatre or restaurant anywhere in Miami. We may not have winter, but they are great at making their own. This sweater serves those purposes. And it’s pretty, like an 85-degree beach in December.

Should you actually need a sweater for sweater purposes, like going north, the boutique has some really nice ones. More to come soon. Sure, I’m wearing them with more swimsuits, but if need be, they look pretty sweet with pants, too.