My Favorite Miami Neighborhood

{Dress: Style Mafia. Bracelets: Forever21. Shopping at: Metta Loving Kindness.}

I’ve been a Miamian for 13 and a half years now. In that time, I’ve grown to love this city in more ways than I ever knew I could. What brought me here was the promise of pursuing my dream. What’s kept me here is the beautiful beaches, the eternal summer and the cultural melting pot. When The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau asked me to share my favorite neighborhood in Miami, as part of its Insider campaign, I couldn’t wait to get my latest Shopping Insider video for Visit Florida out there. A few months back I actually filmed a segment based on my favorite area in Miami. The up-and-coming Sunset Harbour neighborhood is my go-to spot. I find myself there at least once a day, everyday. On Wednesdays, after I finish yoga, I hop on a Deco Bike and head to Jugofresh for a juice. Then, I make my way over to the green market between Panter Coffee and Ice Box Cafe. I’ll grab a pastry for breakfast for kiddo at True Loaf. And I usually stop in at Blush, Peace Love World or Metta for a little fashion inspiration. Squeezing in a workout at Green Monkey, Fly Wheel or Barry’s Bootcamp, re-energizing with a healthy treat from JugoFresh, getting a new look for the night, talking a stroll under the beautiful blue sky, it’s all possible in one walking neighborhood. Sunset Harbour is just one of the things I love about living in Miami. 

Check out this video link to get the full scoop on why this neighborhood is the new “it” place to be in Miami Beach. And consider creating your own “it” neighborhood profile for the Insider contest. We do, after all, live in paradise. Why wouldn’t you want to share that?