My Date With Tom Ford

Sure, Miami was the last city on earth to get an H&M, but, as it turns out, we’re one of just 10 cities in the U.S. to get a Tom Ford makeup counter. Parked at Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour Shops, this new gem has everything Mr. Ford puts his magic touch on, including secrets to his beyond smokey eye and his uber glam red lip.

{All that’s missing is Mr. Ford himself.}

{Dewy glow maker.}

Turns out, Tom is big on getting a dewy glow. And here’s his secret to making it happen. This primer—which is something I never wear because I suffer from oily skin and I live in Miami, where it’s like walking on the surface of the sun most days, and that combo makes for a mighty skin mess—is actually pretty sheer, meaning even Miami girls can rock it. The collection contains 132 products, including a nail polish called Bitter Bitch, which is actually named after someone Tom knows and obvs hates. But he won’t tell who it is.

{How to achieve the smokey eye.}

{Got lips?}

The selection of lip colors is pretty encompassing. My only complaint, though, is that Tom Ford doesn’t believe in lip liners. Maybe it’s because he’s been surrounded by makeup artist for years, but for someone who adores a big, red lip, that’s hard to do when you don’t have a pro at your disposal. His reds, though, are pretty amazing. But what else would you expect? It is, after all, Tom Ford.

{My makeover: light eyes and big red lips, courtesy of Tom Ford makeup artist Arlinda Monteiro }.