What I Got My Mom For Mother’s Day: A Guest Post by Milly Jane Harris

{Wearing: Dress: Ramona La Rue. Necklace: c/o T.J. Maxx.}

Today is a special day because I get to post a story on my mom’s blog. I’m writing this because it is almost Mother’s Day. Shoutout to all the mothers in the world! OK, let’s get to the point why I’m writing this. I went to T.J. Maxx because I know my mom likes the jewelry there. She likes the jewelry there, because she never knows what cool surprises she will find. I had an adult drive me there, because I am not old enough to drive.  I found this necklace by searching for things I knew my mom would like. I knew she would like it because it had two birds on it that represent me and her. It also has a heart hanging in the middle. That represents our love. I can’t wait to give it to her, I think she will love it!

This is Milly signing of.



This post is sponsored by T.J. Maxx. The thoughts and opinions, well, those are Milly’s. All Milly’s.