My Breakup With Chanel

{Foundation: c/o Mineral Fusion Liquid Foundation}

{Photographed by Jorge Camaraza}

Breakups are hard. I know. I recently had an awful one. For years I’ve been wearing Chanel foundation. It always been there for my needs. Filled with dewy goodness. The way the color matches my complexion. The good times.

What I don’t love, however, is the way it makes me break out. There’s something there my skin doesn’t like, something that doesn’t jive. I figured it out on my trip to Cuba, where, sure enough, I ran completely out of foundation. In a Martha Stewart/MacGyver moment I took my powder mineral foundation and mixed it with my moisturizer. And the whole thing, while kinda thick, made my skin happy.

Mineral makeup was what my skin wanted all along. Sure, it didn’t give me the same dewy glow. But it also didn’t make me greasy. Nor did it make me break out.

The idea of mixing powder with moisturizer daily isn’t something I was willing to do, so upon returning home, I investigated liquid mineral foundations. And that’s where Mineral Fusion came in.

This stuff is awesome. It doesn’t make me greasy. It doesn’t make me break out. It’s not full of scary toxins. And, unlike powder mineral foundations, it doesn’t settle into the creases in my face.

Other major bonus, it’s half the price of my Chanel foundation.

My only complaint is its not easy peasy to find the right shade. It took me three different bottles and mixing to get the right color. But for happy skin, I’m OK with that.