It’s Miami Spa Month

{Wearing: Indah Vera bikini at Lapis at Fontainebleau’s Miami Spa Month Weekday Escape The Fabulous Foursome.}

This is me, living my best life. Don’t hate. You can live your best life, too, now that Miami Spa Month is back. In the vein of my Extreme Beauty posts, I’ve done the “grueling” research for you to let you know which treatments to splurge on. But seriously, I visited the spa after moving and starting my first week of Pilates training, all while managing my regular workload. I was exhausted, bruised, sore and mentally strained. Like many of you when you reach overload, I needed a break. And this was a much-needed break I feel like I earned.

If you book only one treatment for Miami Spa Month this year, make sure it’s the Fabulous Foursome. It’s at Lapis at Fontainebleau and it’s part of its Weekday Escape. Those happen Monday through Thursday. And the Fabulous Foursome, which is $139 (with tax and service fees it comes to around $169), is 120 minutes long and includes not one but FOUR treatments. I opted for this one because I’ve been going to Lapis at Fontainebleau for so many years now and yet I’ve never figured out what happens in those tubs. I needed to get to the bottom of it once and for all.

My service started out in, as luck would have it, the tub. I was whisked away to the peaceful room where rows of tubs abound. Waiting for me was a bath full of salts and bubbles, a plate of fresh fruit resting next to it. I slipped in and just relaxed. After my first week of Pilates training, my aching muscles could use a break. My attendant came to check on me, to bring me water, to add more mineral salts to my tub.

Then, after a delicious soak, she ushered me off to the shower for a scrub. I exfoliated, rinsed and was directed to my next spot: my massage.

My therapist asked what we should focus on, I directed her to my back and legs and for the next 25 minutes, she worked out the stress, kinks and knots my muscles worked themselves into. So necessary.

And then it was off to a pedicure, where, in my robe, I sat back, closed my eyes and let my nail tech do what she did best. And that was a beautiful white pedi ready to slip into sandals.

As though that wasn’t enough, I still had one treatment left: the hair mask, which started off by determining which mask would be best for me. I have normal hair, so I opted for one that suit my needs, but there are also ones for dry and oily hair. She put some nice oil into my hair to keep it moisturized, which is great for color-treated hair and sent me on my way.

I literally left Fontainebleau spa-ed from head to toe. And it was divine. Take some time to do something nice for yourself. Four treatments rolled into one for less than a quarter of what they would normally cost is pretty damn good. You may not realize it, but it’s important to do good things for yourself. It’s good to take a minute. It’s good to give yourself a break. And to be able to do it at a price that won’t make you second guess it, well, what are you waiting for? Oh, and now you know exactly what those tubs are for.

Find the rest of the offerings from Lapis at Fontainebleau for Miami Spa Month here.


This post was sponsored by Fontainebleau, but the words, thoughts and opinions, those are mine, all mine.