Saving Face

{Me, sans makeup.}

Fact: I am terrified of facials. Petrified. Frozen with fear. I know, it’s the most ridiculous thing in the entire world to be afraid of, but trust me I am. It all dates back to a decade ago, to a facial situation that left me at the dermatologists office begging for a prescription to undo what had been done to me. It took PRESCRIPTION MEDS to get my skin back to normal, prescription meds! My forehead was a virtual rough terrain for a Range Rover test drive. If I were the eighth dwarf, my name would have been Bumpy. It wasn’t pretty, and, worse yet, it took forever and three weeks to get rid of it. With prescription meds, people.

Forget aesthetician, this lady was a mess-thetician. Yeah, so that’s why I’m mortified of facials. But when Neiman Marcus recently invited me to get a facial with a new line of organic, paraben free products from Russie Blanche two things went through my mind: a) I recently flew on a plane without meds, I’m pretty sure I can do anything and b) organic products sound like a safe reintegration into spa world.

So after a decade of turning down facials, I accepted (and a cold sweat immediately began to run down my back). What had I gotten myself into?

Turns out, I got myself into the best thing I’ve done for my skin in a long, long time. The line, recently launched at Neiman Marcus in Bal Harbour, is made of all the good things nature has to offer. The premise behind the line is a blend of Russian and French cultural skin solutions. And my facialist, Stephanie, flew all the way from Paris to give my skin a long overdue treat.

Wash, scrub, mask, moisturize. My favorite part? The cooling mask. It gives your skin a tingling sensation and has a plumping effect. Stephanie explained it’s best to apply before bed for around 20 minutes. But if you need a pick-me-up in the morning, apply and leave on for five minutes. It’s like your face booked a mini-trip to the spa.

Afterward, my skin felt dewy and pampered. I’m days out and no unsightly bumps have appeared. I think I’m in the safety zone—with happier, healthier skin, nonetheless. It’s all about trying new things this year. And so far, so good.

Check out the brand online or see it for yourself at Neiman Marcus at Bal Harbour Shops