Angry Birds

{Dress: BCBG crochet lace. Shoes: D&G wedges. Belt: Fly Boutique Vintage. Necklace: Vintage.}

And now, tales from a cranky Miami fashion blogger: Nature, it’s a beautiful thing … until it wakes you up at 3:30 a.m. every single night for a solid week. Then, it’s just a bitch—and frankly, so am I. But not without cause. You would be too if you spent the wee hours of the morn pelting ficus bushes with rocks. Apparently, summer in Miami is mockingbird mating season. And the beaked and winged heathens are territorial, so once they pick a spot, they aren’t moving out or keeping it down until they find the bird equivalent to a South Beach hussie. So all night its birdie testosterone muscle flexing via song. It’s literally like LIV in my driveway. And this guy isn’t a ladies bird, if you know what I mean, because he’s a week in and he’s still single and ready to mingle. I’m considering hiring him an escort—or introducing him to one of the neighbor’s four cats. Here’s a few pics of more serene surroundings.

Photographed by David Marc Harris.