Bat for Lashes

I love mascara. I love it so much I go through a tube every month and a half. Don’t judge me. It would be my one luxury item if I were on a deserted island. It makes me feel pretty. And I don’t like to face the world without it. What sucks is, I put it on like a freak show circus (anyone who has witnessed this will attest). It’s a messy situation. And pretty time consuming. So when Jennifer Woehle¬†of Beau Ideal House of Beauty proposed the idea of lash extensions, I thought, “Oooh, swimming in a pool without the after effects of raccoon eyes. Sign me up.”

And she did. Jennifer travels between Miami, New York and L.A. to give ladies something to bat. I caught up with her at Brownes & Co. on Lincoln Road (she also works at the Design District location) on her latest excersion to Miami. The whole process takes about two hours, of which you need to lay still and keep your peepers closed so Jennifer can awesomely attach silk lashes to each one of your own lashes. The secret: get a mani while you’re getting your lashes put in place. And no, it doesn’t hurt. And no, it won’t make your lashes fall out. Turns out, you lose lashes on a regular basis anyway, so when you see these daddy longlegs on your pillow the next morning don’t go from zero to freak out. Your lashes are just doing what they normally do. Jennifer’s improved version of what God gave you lasts about three weeks, so long as you steer clear of oil-based products. And at $295 for the initial set, you’ll want to stay on top of your list of product ingredients. Fillers take 1 hour and cost $89.

Upon my big reveal, I realized I’ve stumbled upon something I can see myself getting highly addicted to. Thus far, I’ve been told I look like Bambi and a silver screen starlet. This may be my new favorite thing ever. Now if we can just get permanent foundation in the works …