A Hole Lot of Namaste

{On me: Vest: Vintage DIY. Top: Target. Harem pants: Metta Loving Kindness. Necklace: Mixed Bead Charm and Tassel Necklace c/o Express. On kiddo: Top: H&M. Harem pants: Metta Loving Kindness. Photographed by me.}

And now, an embarrassing tale of me in my new harem pants.

I’ve been obsessed with harem pants sine I met my friend Marcella Novela, who lives in them. She was kind enough to bring me back a few pairs from her yearly jaunts to Ibiza. Considering my obsession, you you can only imagine my reaction when I discovered harem pants for kiddo at Metta Loving Kindness, a new-ish shop that lives over on Sunset Harbor. Now imagine my reaction when I discovered that I, too, could fit into the kid’ harem pants at Metta. It was one of those rare moments I didn’t mind being the height of a 12-year-old. I snatched up these pairs for me and Mills and got the scoop on the store, too. Everything at Metta Loving Kindness has an eco-friendly or chartable angle to it. Whether it’s art may be teens who’ve had a tough time, jewelry from local artisans or the other good karma offerings at the boutique, it’s easy to justify each purpose. Especially when it’s harem pants for you and your mini.

Mills and I decided to wear our pants to a birthday party at a local gymnastics place. Whenever anyone has a party at said gym, I get excited—probably even more so than my 5-year-old—because I know it means I can do penny drops on the parallel bars and toe-touches on the trampoline. It’s like a good, old cheerleading revival. And that’s exactly what I did—until I was forced to stop. Why, you ask? Because after two solid, hyperextended toe-toutches (hell yes, I still got it 20-something years later), I split the crotch of my pants. Turns out, kid’s harem pants aren’t exactly crotchety enough for such flexible activities. With a hole the size of my head in my pants, I climbed down off the trampoline and thanked God for my high-low sweater to cover up my little butt-baring transgression.

See this pic below, that’s the last time I’ll be sporting these pants. Luckily, I can head back to Metta for more—as my last pair now qualify as indecent exposure. Oopsie.

Speaking of trampolines, check out this detailed post on choosing the best trampoline, which I recently came across and found really interesting.