Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Day 4

It’s official, I’ve seen enough models in bikinis to keep any man happy for the rest of his natural life. And that’s not even the most shocking part. On the second to last day of swim week, as the rain set in and our mojo started to fade (OK, our mojos been dead for days, but we keep on truckin’—in heels in the sand no less), I saw the best yet. On day four. Here’s a recap of what happened on Sunday at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim.

{Impending doom in Miami Beach. The annual swim week monsoon sets it.}

{But it was safe and dry and Salon Allure’s sample sale at the Perry.}

{I tried on at least 20 suits, including a few from my fave, Red Carter. If you didn’t make it, you totally missed out. With suits priced at anywhere from $25 to $100, it was a steal. Plus, all proceeds went to charity, which made overspending easily justified.}

{Um, brilliant. Between dressing room dashes, you could charge up your phone at the Zico charging station. Can we just agree to install one of these everywhere in Miami?}

{Giving ourselves hat head. Kirstin Clark steals the show in that pink floppy hat.}

{Blogger sista Annie Vazquez scored a staple with this white linen dress.}

{My swimsuit swag: A black Brazilian bikini from Made by Dawn. Get this, it has pockets in the bottoms. You obvs can’t see them because it’s black fabric and my iPhone camera can only do so much, but they are there.}

{Then it was off to the tents for Red Carter.}

{And it was, hands down, the best show of swim week.}

{Styled by Danny Santiago, the accessories, like disco ball necklaces and ridic oversized star earrings, were over the top (in a good way). Between the loud accessories and the kickin’ music, the show packed a vibe the Miami crowd had been craving for days.}

{The black-and-white suits were killer.}

{As was the hair. In addition to asymmetrical wigs, the girls sported coned ponytails.}

{Colors, patterns—it was a show only a boy who’s cut his teeth in Miami could bring back home.}

{And yes, there were feathers.}

{And they were fabulous.}

{As was Gino Campodónico’s studded and spiked tie.}

{I think it’s safe to say, as seen on me and Marcella Novela, black, white and yellow are all the rage.}

{I’m rocking a mean batwing thanks to the makeup artists from Makeup Forever. I got the lowdown on how to create the look on your own. Apparently, I’m going at it all wrong because I don’t do it in phases. And you need a flat brush, like a lipstick brush, to ease the look on.}

{Look, our trend multiplied. Stripes and polkadots are so hot right now. Ellen Marchman agrees.}

{Up next, back to the tent for L Space by Monica Wise, where Housewives of Jersey‘s Melissa and Jo Gorga were parked front row and commenting on how skimpy the suits were.}

{This high-waisted blue number was by far my favorite look from the show. Fringe was also in full effect, as expected, and when done up in orange, it was to die for.}

{Then over to Soho House for the La Perla presentation, which included 20 pieces from the brand’s swimwear line. Main colors included basic black, green, yellow and terra cotta.And the shape, like the brand’s lingerie, was swimwear meets uber sexy.}

Day 4, over and out.