Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim Day 2

{The best thing about driving a Smart Car during swim week? I can park this thing anywhere! Scored this sweet spot just three blocks away from the Raleigh.}

{Plastic Fantastic at Bloggers Night Out at The Betsy Hotel.}

{DIY is so hot right now. Plastic Fantastic bag designed by Kelly Saks.}

{Plastic Fantastic winning bag of the night designed by Ria Michelle.}

{Bloggers Kelly Saks (having a Marilyn moment) with Bianca Sanchez.}

{Miami bloggers looking chic.}

{Miami Fashion Mafia in the house.}

{Drinks at the Raleigh before the shows start with Maria Tettamani and Vanessa Ferrer.}

{At the Agua Bandita show where the footwear was an interesting as the suits.}

{FYI, my butt totally looks just like this in a swimsuit (I wish.)}

{Swimsuits with awesome sneakers.}

{Sexy mono-kinis at Dolores Cortes.}

{The high-waisted suit is in full fashion for 2013. Also a trend, basic black.}

{Finale at Dolores Cortes. I see tribal and metallic trends. What do you see?}

{Me and Maria in the tents for the third year together.}

{The hair at Dolores Cortes wasn’t so great. Very Amy Winehouse, no? But the colors and suits were amazing.}

{It was all about blue, pink and green.}

{The crochet bikini is also back in fashion for 2013.}

{Over at Vitamin A, metallics and chevron prints owned the runway.}

{As well as mix and match in blues and oxblood maroon.}

{And, of course, neon. These cover ups were to die for. That’s why they get three shots.}

{Met Electric Blogarella reader Fernanda. She has amazing hair. And she’s too cute.}

{Enough with the skinny models on the runway. I’m off to dinner at Yardbird.}