I Wish I Was a Little Bit Taller …

{What’s the difference?}

Shoe lifts or short: which would you pick?

At 5’1, for me it’s no contest. But despite famous fans like Tom Cruise and Simon Cowell, shoe lifts for men are still a controversial topic. Many men would prefer to stand at their natural height rather than wear “heels” while others would rather add a few inches regardless of the connotations of wearing lifts. But what do we women think about this trend?

These clever accessories are designed to give men who are lacking in the height department a bit of a boost by adding a thick block to their heels. Tom Cruise stands at 5’7” and manages to get through filming by utilising clever camera angles. However, when taking to the red carpet with ex-wives Nicole Kidman (5’10.5″) and Katie Holmes (5’9”) he’s had to rely on the shoe lift to stop his partners towering over him.

Given that Cruise is so famously lacking in stature, does using shoe lift to make himself appear taller actually make him more attractive, or does it suggest that he’s insecure about his height and set him up to be the focus of even more mockery? This is one of the major downfalls for men wearing a lift, and something many women find off-putting in the same way that men wearing concealer or using hair straighteners is often regarded as a little disconcerting. Though let it be known that in this blogger’s opinion, whatever makes you feel more confident, go for it.

Confidence is one of the characteristics that women find most appealing in men (and vice versa) meaning that if a man is confident about himself regardless of his height, he will almost always be more attractive to the opposite sex. Simon Cowell is a fan of chunky heels but isn’t short of female admirers (pardon the pun), and by oozing confidence (perhaps too much) he proves that certain men can get away with it.

The key to confidence is often in our clothes. A great pair of shoes or boots—with or without a lift—is the finishing touch that makes a guy’s outfit seem effortlessly stylish without looking too self-aware or over-the-top. Men’s shoes at Littlewoods are a great place to start if you want to add a little class (or height) into your man’s wardrobe.