Kiddo Hearts Karl Lagerfeld

{Wearing: (On Me:) Top: Blush. Jeans: J. Brand. Bracelets: Frangipani Shoes: c/o Melissa Shoes. (On Kiddo:) Jumpsuit: Gap Kids. Shoes: c/o Melissa Shoes.}

Kiddo and I helped kick off the grand opening of Melissa Shoe at Aventura Mall this week. And oh, what a night it was. Everyone turned up in their Melissa Shoes and snatched up a few new pairs, too. And if Milly had anything to say about it, they were going home with the Melissa and Karl Lagerfeld collaboration. She couldn’t get enough of the sunglasses-adorned high-heeled shoes. And she insisted everyone try them on. Turns out, kid has a thing for Karl. It’s OK, Mills, we all do. But in the end, we settled on cherries for her and a pair of amazing wedges for me that will see my every trip to the pool this spring and summer. Thanks to everyone who came out. We had a blast. And now we know where to stock up on amazing shoes for the rest of the season.

Even the boys brought their Melissa Shoes A-game.

Matchy matchy.

Even more matchy matchy.

And then this happened.

First, me.

And then everyone else.

Including kid.

But in the end, these won.