Electric Blogarella Bella Paola Solano

{Meet Paola.}

With pants like these, it was hard to miss Paola Solano at the Blogging 101 event at Lester’s Miami. Not only does her style stand out, Paola is a jack of all trades. She’s worked as a PR maven and is now juggling going to school with an awesome fashion blog concept. Get the scoop on this smart and savvy dresser in the Electric Blogarella Bella Q&A below.

Name: Paola Solano

Claim to Fame: Former events manager at The Patton Group. Currently in law school and in the creative process of putting together fashionlegalese.com, “Where Fashion meets Law.” It’s a blog relating to all the legal aspects of the fashion industry; fashion law news, tips for upcoming designers and cool looks for the office and school.

Wearing: Zara neon green pants, J.Crew jean shirt and necklace, Movado watch, Celine shoes and Phantom handbag.

Sum up your style: I would say it is a mix, it depends on my mood. I tend to use classic items mixed up with funky accessories. I like wearing a bold accessories or one bold or standout item. Summed up, my style is a mix of pearls with spikes.

Most treasured item in your closet: My jeans. Being in law school, throwing on jeans is easiest when in a rush. They get me out of trouble when I’m running late for school. Also my pearl necklace and earrings that were a gift from my dad a couple of years ago.

Secret Shopping go-to spot: I’m only telling because its not it Miami, but I have a couple of designer friends back home in Colombia with boutiques like Renata Lozano and Johanna Ortiz that I love going shopping at. In Miami, I would say Studio LX and Cheap N Chic boutiques. Now that I’m in law school I don’t get much time to go to the stores, so I really do a lot of online shopping. My fav secret website is nastygal.com.

Beauty Tip: I always apply Bioderma 100 SPF to my face to protect my skin from the sun and Johnson and Johnson’s Vanilla Oatmeal body lotion for soft skin. I drink one liter of water a day (it is amazing what water does to our bodies) and 45 minutes of cardio five days a week.

When you were a kid you wanted to be: The first female president, that probably explains why I’m in law school.

Never leave home without: My daily planner, a pair of socks and a sweater for late nights in the library.

At the top of your fashion wish list is: An Hermes Birkin handbag, which is not happening soon, lol.

Currently addicted to: Pinterest, I literally cannot stop pinning, I’m obsessed with it.

Last song you listened to: “Payphone” (Ft. Wiz Khalifa) by Maroon 5.