Me (featuring B.O.B)


For any of you who have never cut your hair off to two-inches long all over your entire head and then tried to grow it back out, this is going to seem like the most pointless post in the world. For those of you who have lived through trying to grow hair over your ears (while not hidden beneath a bandana the entire time), you can feel my joy. You might even pour yourself a glass and toast my accomplishment. You’ve been there. You know the pain. And you have a hat collection to prove it. So, right here in this very pic is photographic evidence that I have a bob. A bob! The back finally caught up with the front. Nine months down and the hair is finally equal! Cheers to cohesive hair lengths! Only a million more months until it gets past my shoulders. (Mental note, will not talk about the tortures of shoulder-length Midwestern mom hair, so as not to ruin my bob bubble.)