May Beauty Board: Citrus and Keeping Covered

It’s time for the May beauty board. Here’s what I’m all about this month.

A Splash of Citrus

Summer and citrus scents go together like the Fourth of July and sparklers, which makes the Agraria line at Neiman Marcus my new obsession this season. It’s like a refreshing lemonade drink for your skin. It smells like running through sprinklers, chasing after the ice cream truck, picking wildflowers and capturing fireflies. With the body wash, soap and body lotion, I’ll be dressing myself up in these treats from head to toe. Then, I’ll accessorize my new scent with my circle necklace from Blush.

Moisturize Here, Dry There

Some situations call for more moisture. Others, not so much. When my skin is feeling parched (which is pretty much all the time because I live on the third planet from the sun, also known as Miami), I lather on Laura Mercier Verbena Gel Body Moisturizer. When my eyes need a little extra moisture (because, hey, once you hit your 30s this area of your body becomes the Sahara of skin), I tap on Amore Pacific Future Response Age Defense Day/Night Eye Creme Duo. I love how both eye creams are housed in the same package, which makes them perfect for summer travel.

On those non-moisturizing occasions, like when your skin decides to act like it’s 14 and breaks out, it’s time to tap into the drier side of things. I stick it to epidermal interruptions with Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Gel with salicylic acid, which dehydrates those little buggers. Find all three at Neiman Marcus.

On the Daily

Some things you just need on the regular, like sunscreen. Thanks to L’Oreal and its It’s THAT Worth It campaign for its recent Melanoma Awareness presentation at the Mondrian in Miami Beach this month. You cannot leave the house without wearing sunscreen. Especially, living here in Miami. Make it quick, easy and painless with L’Oreal’s Invisible Protect Dry Oil Spray. It’s a great way to add a little hint of shimmer to the skin and keep the sun’s harmful rays at a safe distance. For $10.99, there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t be wearing this. Daily.

Taking care of your skin is another daily do. So let’s say you slip up and fall asleep in your makeup. It happens. Get back on track with the Omorovicza Gold Hydralifting Mask. It hydrates, restores and forgives those little transgressions that pop up from time to time. Add a little of Darphin Stimulskin Plus Divine Eye Cream and you’re absolved of your skin sin. Find both at Neiman Marcus.

Another daily—color. A pop on the lip can wake up the entire face. And what’s a better pop than Sisley Paris Phyto Lip Twist in Pinky? Pink is, after all, the shade of the season. Wear it well.