Mascaras That Make My Day

Hello, my name is Ginger Harris, and I am a mascara addict. If I leave the house with just one type of makeup on my face, chances are it’s mascara. It makes me feel “dressed.” There are several things I look for in a mascara: 1.) Washability. I don’t want to take my lashes off with my mascara in the sink at night, and I prefer to use just soap and water to get it off. And 2.) Durability. In a city where sweat is part of your wardrobe, I don’t want to have mascara streaming down my face. Here are a few of my faves and why:

{Make-up Designory mascara, Estee Lauder eye shadows, Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara and Beauty For Real Miracle Mascara!}

Make-up Designory brilliantly came up with this squishy tube. I love that I can get every last bit of mascara out of this one. I’ve dubbed it my travel mascara, the one that lives in my makeup bag for mascara emergencies (like, uh, I have no idea what constitutes a mascara emergency, but I’m prepared should one arise.) It washes off well, but you’ll need a little elbow grease to prevent raccoon eyes.

Hello, old friend. Estee Lauder has been my go-to for mascara since my grandma introduced me to it decades ago. The formula is just untouchable. This is my everyday tube. The design of the brush is perfection. It washes off with just water and it stays on all freaking day long. I’m not going to lie, I hoard this stuff.

Aside from having the coolest packaging since, ok, well, ever, Miami-made Beauty For Real’s formula is what I turn to for my sweaty yoga sessions. This stuff sticks. But it also washes off with just water and soap. It’s my beach mascara or anywhere else I plan to get my sweat on. Bonus: You can use the l.e.d. light in the wand to fish keys, gum, etc… out of the bottom of your purse.

And there you have it. My go-to mascara guide. Just be sure to chuck anything that’s been open for three months. That’s when bacteria starts to build up. And if your brush gets chunky along the way, just rinse it with hot water for a fresh start. Wink.