Confidence 101

{Wearing: Designer Dress: c/o Marshalls. Bag: c/o Marshalls. Leopard Heels: Guess. Photographed by the always entertaining Erin Newberg.}

Here’s the awesome thing about working from home: I can stay in my PJs all the live long day, if I so choose. And I make that choice more than I’m willing to admit.

Here’s the not so awesome thing: On those occasions when I need to take a meeting or go to an interview, I have to find something to wear. And sometimes (OK, most of the time) trying to peg the perfect outfit results in a trashed bedroom, a mad panic and a constant questioning of “Does this look OK,” because, let’s face it, how you dress has a large impact on your mood. In fact, a great pair of shoes, a new dress, even a fab bag can give you a boost of confidence. Out of 1,000 women surveyed by Marshalls, 7 percent said they wish they were more confident. And 61 percent of full-time employed women said they have a go-to item in their closet that instantly boosts their confidence. For me, that boost is my platform leopard heels. I picked them up at a super mega sale eons ago, and I’ve whipped them out for “I’ve got this” situations over and over again. But in prepping for a recent meeting, I needed something to give me a little extra edge. So I headed to Marshalls where I scored this designer dress and this bag to help me feel great. I love the zipper on the dress and the way the skirt flairs. It’s ’50s with a sexy twist. And my bag is the ultimate fem accessory. Considering the whole look was only $150, it made me feel even better.

Walking into that meeting, I felt a little Wonder Woman-ish. Was it my shoes? My bag? My dress? No, it was the confidence those three gave me. Ah, the power of clothes.

Gift card provided by Marshalls.