The Benefits of Being Vertically Challenged

{Wearing: Dress: Market Miami. Necklace: Kore. Shoes: c/o T.J. Maxx. Photographed by me.}

Being short sucks. You’re constantly transitioning from human to spider monkey, jumping up on kitchen counters to reach things on the top shelf. Then, there’s the obligatory short person stool, where some raised platform situation allows you to hurl yourself upward so you can scale the shelves of your closet or medicine cabinet. And let’s not forget how we shorties own zero pairs of pants that haven’t been altered from here to the ends of time so they don’t drag the floor should you choose to not wear heels. BUT, there is one good thing I’ve come across as a vertically challenged human being, and I’m wearing it in this very post. Because God decided to grant me with legs that rival that of the Pygmy tribe, I can get away with wearing tops as dresses. In fact, I’m constantly pulling off this little fashion faux pas, but it works because of my height—or lack there of. For instance, I nabbed this top at Market’s new Miami location and planned to wear it as a cover-up. But after trying it on, I realized if I wore a bodysuit underneath, I could pull it off as a dress, too. For us shorties, the tunic trend is terrific. And I liked this one so much, I ordered it in cream, too. Full disclosure: This crochet boho vibe for spring/summer has slightly taken over my entire wardrobe (and my last few posts). Throw in this mother-of-all-things-boho necklace and you can take the most basic pieces from blah to ta-da.