If It’s Good Enough for Marilyn Monroe …

“And don’t forget to take your polish with you,” Felicia says after she finishes my top coat. It’s all part of the service at the new Marilyn Monroe Spas at Midtown. The salon’s concept is to make sure everything used on your nails is your own—because sharing isn’t always caring. In fact, it’s kind of icky thinking about all the nails that file has shaped before you. But not here. At the start of each service, you receive brand new tools, top and base coats transferred to small containers that are only for you and a polish that is then given to you after your finish. Not only is it a very sanitary practice, it also comes in handy when you have a chip situation in the days following your mani.

With pics of Marilyn Monroe on the walls (you know I’m obsessed with her, right?), comfy seats and more colors of nail polish to choose from than you can even fathom, the salon is a cool new idea on the mani/pedi front.

And the store’s product line is worth checking out, too. The scrubs and creams used during your mani/pedi are also for sale. Opt for the citrus lime. It’s delish. And there’s a makeup line, too. With red lipstick even my icon Marilyn would approve of.

I enjoyed my visit so much I asked the salon to join me for my Barbie party at The Local House during Basel. They came out and did red and pink nails for the event. It was super girly and uber fun. If you didn’t get a chance to visit my event, you can check out the salon on your own time. Get the deets here