Marie Claire’s What I Love About Me

{Hey, that’s me, giving my mom a big ups for passing down her amazing lashes. Thanks, mama!}

Saturday morning, I raced out of bed to go to Walgreens and scoop up a copy of Marie Claire‘s April issue so I could flip it open to page 150, where Miami gets some love. A couple of months back I smiled at the mag’s cameraman on Lincoln Road. Afterward, they sent questions asking me what products I use, beauty trends I’m into and what feature I most like about myself. As I realized Saturday morning, that last question became the foundation for the story. And I’m glad it did. It reminded me of something I read a few months back that I think is really important to share.

So here goes: I was on Facebook one night trolling along, when I landed on an article about a mom who makes an effort to tell her daughter each day what she loves about herself and then encourages her daughter to do the same.  She was sick of women being way too critical of their appearances, and in order to give her daughter a better self image, she decided that rather than look in the mirror and call out her shortcomings (I’m fat. I’m wrinkled. Etc …) she’d make an effort to tell her daughter one thing that she loved about herself ever day. For example, over breakfast with her kid, she’d say, “I’m really beautiful. I have great hair.” Or, “My freckles are really cute.”

I started to think about how if someone overheard this, they might think, “Wow, that woman is really full of herself.” But if they overheard her say, “I look terrible today,” chances are, they probably wouldn’t bat an eye. What’s wrong with that? Everything. When did it become frowned upon to be confident?

So when Marie Claire asked me what I liked about myself, it made me realize we shouldn’t be afraid to say something positive about our appearance. I have awesome eyelashes. My mom, who also has awesome lashes, passed them down to me. And as a kid, she made sure to tell me just how blessed we were to have them. Which, is exactly what that article was getting at.

I guess what I want to share from this whole experience is this: Tell someone—especially you—what’s great about you. Here’s two pages of women who did. And I thrilled I got to be one of them.

Here’s a couple of pics David snapped afterward of what I wore: Forever 21 tuxedo jacket. Vintage dress from C. Madeleine’s. Chanel bag. Varelli ring. Carlo Pazolini shoes. P.S., like my shoes? Check out my calendar here for an event I’m doing with Carlo Pazolini on Thursday.