March Beauty Board: Hair Care

It’s unofficially spring in Miami, which means it’s unofficially summer. The heat (and humidity) is on, so if having a good hair day is your endgame goal, be prepared for a mission impossible. When it comes to color, the pool, the sun, they are all conspiring against us and our freshly dyed locks. I was psyched when Neiman Marcus sent me these great hair products to review, especially considering how harsh the change of seasons can be on your mane.

It was love at first wash with R+Co Gemstone Shampoo and Conditioner, which is a great way to combat what Miami summer does to your tresses. It preserves the shade you opted for and it smells amazing. And if you’re looking to lock in a specific style, I suggest prepping with R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse. It will hold the look once the elements get their grip on it.

And since a good hair day calls for a full makeup celebration, I like to top off my look with a little gloss from Dior Rouge Brilliant Lip Shine & Care Couture Color in 468 Bonheur or 775 Darling, both being great options for spring. Find all of the above at Neiman Marcus.

Because I love products that are chemical free, I couldn’t wait to try out the line from Gloss Moderne. I started with the High-gloss Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s a great formula that I can see myself using daily and thankfully it works without adding any harsh parabens to my grooming routine. Next, I added some of the High-gloss Masque to my hair ritual. I left it in for five minutes. This is a great for a weekly treatment to revive hair from all the drama we put it through. It can even be used daily if you feel your hair needs a little extra love. Finally, I rounded out my routine with Coco de Soleil Gloss Moderne High-gloss Serum. It’s like adding diamond shine to your mane. After my blowout, I smoothed a drop from root to tip. It’s tamed my fly-aways and gave me lacquer-like shine. With all these products combined a good hair day was inevitable. Find the Gloss Moderne line at Neiman Marcus.

This message brought to you by Neiman Marcus. The rest is the ramble that rolls around my head.