Makeup 101: How to Put on Eyeliner and Bronzer

{Touch Boutique shirt. Vintage leopard vest. Zara leggings. BCBG Boots. Delicate Raymond necklace. Louis Vuitton Never Full bag.}

Fact: I cannot put on my own makeup. I completely blame my mom for this. She was a makeup artist and stylist when I was a kid and whenever I need hair or makeup, she always did it for me. Fast forward to my college years, when I no longer lived at home and went around looking like bronzy mcblush face while I tried to figure it out on my own. Over the years, I’ve pestered makeup artists on shoots to show me what they were doing and why. But to this day, I still have no idea what half the brushes in my makeup drawer are for. And I’m pretty sure you’d think I was insane if you saw me put on mascara. And that’s why I decided  to make a trip to the Make Up For Ever Makeup Bag Remix Tour, where pros teach you how to use what’s in your makeup bag. My challenges for the day: How to put on bronzer without looking like Magda from Something About Mary, how to put on liner without looking like I’ve slept in it or gone swimming and how to put on  eyeshadow with something other than my fingers.

My makeup artist DJ basically told me to stop doing everything I was currently doing and try this:

For bronzer, go for a fan brush and don’t swipe it across your forehead (like I was doing.) Go around the sides of your face and into your cheeks. And stop using the stuff that’s full of shimmer. A matte bronzer looks so much more natural. My tip: Pressed powder in darker shades than your own skin makes for a great bronzer.

For liner, work in three parts: middle, outer and inner, instead of one giant line. And keep your eyes open. Closing them makes for a droopy cat eye.

For shadow, use a concealer brush to blend, and blend in one direction.

With my bag of tricks ready to roll, I headed to the store where I purchased the fan brush below. A total game changer. So long, Magda. And thank you Make Up For Ever. Thanks to Riley at Snip, too, for the awesome blowout. If you want to make your blowout got the distance, look into Unite products. Mine lasted all through the weekend. 

{Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Liner in Matte Black, Aqua Shadow in Pearly Beige, and Mat Bronze c/o Make Up For Ever.}