Magic in a Little Blue Bottle

Good hair happens here.

Salon Vaso is keeping it real for those of us who consider ourselves hippie dippie yet still have a thing for grooming. What does that mean, exactly? It means we want to be pretty, but the onslaught of chemicals hiding in our FDA-approved salon treatments freaks us out. All hail the Ewg. With offerings like Zerran RealLisse Vegan Hair-Smoothing System, Salon Vaso becomes an enclave for mother nature-types. As the first salon in Florida to offer the formaldehyde-free, 100-percent vegan treatment, it’s an ideal alternative to those other chemically laden Keratin treatments, hinging on being banned in Cali. Also on the menu, Organic Hair Color. It’s ammonia-free, certified vegan and cruelty-free. I gave the color a go and was really impressed with the vibrance of my hue. You may tend to think an “organic” color would be quick to wash out, but I’m happy to report my color is still kicking.

And to further kick it up a notch, I partook in the latest menu item, the Alfaparf Milano Semi di Lino Diamante Collection, which includes little blue bottles of shine. The process goes a little something like this: lather in, wait, rinse and shine. It adds a glossy coat to hair that lasts until your next shampoo. The process works best when applied directly after color, when the cuticles are open.

I got some one-non-one time with Vaso herself. Hailing from Astoria, this chic Greek stylist and I caught up on our favorite Astoria food haunts, her impeccable salon and lash extensions (the options are endless and her salon offers a ton). She even has a shampoo that will help you grow your hair faster. Yes, that really exists.

In between color and shine, I was that girl at the salon with two people working on me at one time. (You know her, she seems super important, like she has no time to spare. A mere pit stop at the salon before jet setting off to her next rendezvous. She’s got places to go, people to see and she needs all of her salon services done at the same time.) It was fun being her for a few hours, even if I wear that description like a size 10 shoe on my size 6.5 foot. While my hair was getting “did,” my fingers and toes were getting touched up by Valentina, my expert nail tech. She turned me on to Essie’s Luxedo. It’s so dark, it’s sinister … yet sexy. I can get down with that. In fact, I was pretty down with the whole day. New hair, new nails, new experience. That makes for one happy hippie chick.

Yeah, that’s lux.