Mad Men Channeling Barbie

Back in December, David and I shot this vintage Barbie for a limited-edition run of Enchanted Plastic to be displayed at Style Ctzn in Wywood for Art Basel. I loved her bob and leopard-trimmed suit. We named her Jackie. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, where I’m laying in bed like a sack of potatoes watching Mad Men (remember, I’m playing a wicked game of catch up because I so missed the boat on this show) and bam! In walks Jane Sterling looking just like this doll we made into art. Hat: Check. Red suit: Check. Leopard trim: Check. They even resemble each other. Is Mad Men channeling Barbie? Something tells me the costume department is picking through old Mattel ads to get a little inspiration. Turns out Mad Men already has its own Barbie collection and a Barbie-Gate scandal to go along with it (Elizabeth Moss got royally torked off when they opted not to capture Peggy in unobtainable plastic proportions.) So is my discovery just a weird coincidence? I think not. And if I were Jane, I’d ban together with Peggy and demand my own doll, too. As it seems she already exists.

And yes, I do realize this is the second time in the past few months that I own something vintage fashion-related that exists on retro (or wannabe retro) TV. I’m not sure what it means, exactly, but I feel like the signs are pointing to A) I watch waaaay too much TV. And B) I own too many blast from the past things. Hey, at least it’s not something Bea Arthur is wearing on Golden Girls, right?