{California Waves Polka Dot Bikini Bottom and Hula Honey Halter Bikini Top c/o from the womens swimwear selection. Carter & Co First Mate beach bag c/o Carter & CoKaanas espadrilles c/o Kaanas. Fly Boutique vintage silver bangle. Touch Boutique turquoise bangle. Kiddo in Hello Kitty tankini. Target glasses. Havaianas flip-flops.} 

I like long walks on the beach, sunsets and … just kidding. I do like a good beach stroll, though. And after this weird winter-ish blast—which magically disappears mid-afternoon and then returns at night—I’m happy to be back on the beach with kiddo in tow. But as much as I love the beach, that’s how much I hate the ocean. For some reason, my family let me watch a Jaws marathon once when we were on vacation in Destin, Florida (that’s lower Alabama for those of you who haven’t ventured there). There I sat, watching the great white rip innocent swimmers limb from limb. Afterward, someone from the group shut off the TV and said, “OK, let’s hit the beach.” My first thought: Are you kidding me? I couldn’t even get in the pool without eyeballing the deep end, fully expecting a fin to surface at any second. Two decades later and little’s changed. Anytime I think about going further than ankle deep, the dah-dum, dah-dum track cues up in my brain and I get my ship back to shore. The way I see it, they need fodder for shark week and as long as I stay out of the water, it won’t be me.

Besides, my Kaanas espadrilles are too cute for me to go missing feet. Like them? They’re made by Wayuu tribe in Colombia who weave to sustain themselves and their families. It’s a pretty cool brand. Get the whole scoop here.

Speaking of sustainability, check out my fab beach bag from American-made brand Carter & Co. No more digging around for sunscreen and glasses, thanks to a million deep pockets. The handles are made from sustainable resources. And the open ends mean getting the hitchhiking sand out super easy. Kinda brilliant.