California Love

{Bikini: c/o Maaji Swimwear Mystic Paths at The Orchid Boutique. Wedges: Steve Madden. Photographed by Franky Arriola.}

I had every intention of wearing the corset from this Maaji Swimwear bikini from The Orchid Boutique to Coachella, but Coachella is dirty. Don’t get it twisted, it’s fun, in every shape, way and form. It’s just dusty. And this suit is so pretty, I couldn’t make myself subject it to the rolling dustbowl that is the desert. So, it spend some time under the sun, but no music festival for you, Maaji bikini. I’m saving it for the Miami sun—for the beachside lounge at Soho House, for the pool at The Standard. That’s what The Orchid Boutique’s bikinis are made for—the good life.

Speaking of the good life, this was Cali’s redo for me. The first time I visited the Golden State, I had a dreadful, awful, nightmare-ish experience. It was right after 911. I was working for a local production company that shall remain nameless (but if you ask me in person, I’ll totally tell you which one it was). Anyhoo, I was flown out to help plan Oliver Stone’s birthday party and stayed at Jim Brown’s house. In theory all of that sounds fabulous. In reality, it was weird and uncomfortable. Jim Brown has no food in his house, like none, and I had no access to a car, so in order to eat I found myself walking down the Hollywood Hills in search of food. The “boss” who took me along for the trip decided feeding me wasn’t exactly a priority and took time away from his busy massage schedule. And that was just the first of many strikes. By the end of the “adventure,” I had to sit next to a very intoxicated Oliver Stone at his birthday party, which lead to him trying to touch my leg and hit on me. Since I’ve never had a thing for slobby, old bloated men, you can see why I just wanted to get the hell out of dodge, er, L.A. Needless to say, when I got home I told the “boss” where to stuff it and quit that job the second I got back on Miami sand, thus ending my very short foray in event planning. And I would have done it while I was in L.A., but I wanted to make sure I had a flight home. Cali wasn’t exactly working out for me.

This time around, however, California was a much better experience. Like night and day better. Slobbery celebs were no where to be seen. Just my cute man, some awesome music and beautiful backdrops like these for pics. Will I be back to the land of earthquakes and Hollywood signs? I hope so. And maybe this time I’ll take Mr. Brown grocery shopping.