Lunch With Skaist Taylor

Flashback: The first time I saw someone wear Juicy Couture, it was my friend Maria. Yes, that one. She slipped into the Zink magazine office in pink terry pants that sat low on her hip bones. She had paired them with a little matching jacket. We all ooohed and ahhed. Months later, the entire universe wore some variation of her ensem. And the obsession with Juice Couture began.

Fast forward to summer 2012: Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy, who actually sold Juicy Couture a few years back, have a new trick up their bell sleeves: Skaist Taylor. I was lucky enough to preview the collection of boho-chic-meets-disco-diva designs, which made its Miami debut this week, at Neiman Marcus at the Village of Merrick Park. And it went a little something like this …

{Me in Skaist Taylor with designer Pamela Skaist-Levy. She’s 5’1″. Sisterhood of the shorties.}

{The gloves are off.}

{The lunch bunch, patiently awaiting the preview.}

{I think it’s safe to say Essie’s metallic collection is in good hands.That’s me in the middle with the copper-y Penny Talk.}

{Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy of Skaist Taylor talking about the collection.}

{Seriously, they only made these boots for their runway show. But after we spent hours swooning over them, I think they will go into production sooner than later. You can thank us Miami gals for that one.}

{A look from Skaist Taylor collection, complete with a Juicy throwback: velour pants.}

{What I wore: Vintage boho dress scored at the Lincoln Road Antiques Market. Aldo necklace. Vintage bangles. Jimmy Choo platforms. Bottega Veneta bag.}

Favorite pieces from the collection included all the LBDs (especially the one Pam was wearing), a backless sweater and a green-ish chiffon dress swimming in ruffles. And the shoes. Oh, the shoes. As for Pam’s dip-dyed turquoise hair (because I know you were wondering), she’s been rocking it for a few months now.

Need more? Look for my interview with the designers featured on today’s Miami New Times site. I get into their take on fur and the whole fur-in-fashion dramz.


It started when Pam and Gela tweeted me last weekend and someone named MaryLovesTheAnimals or some such whatever tweeted me back telling me how poor, innocent animals had died for that fur and shame on me, us. I’ve been a vegetarian for more than 20 years. I haven’t touched meat, including fish and chicken, in two decades. And I don’t buy fur. Yes, I have it on in the pic above, but that was a photo op. I do wear leather shoes and have leather bags, but that’s because the quality of leather versus man-made materials doesn’t compare. And sure, I’d wear fur, if it was fake or vintage. I feel like rescuing vintage fur is like rescuing a pet. Someone had that killed for a reason and then discarded it. If I recycle it, at least it wasn’t in vain. Anyway, I just thought it was humorous that someone would call me out for killing animals. If she only knew. I’ve managed to adopt the most neurotic dog on the planet from a kill shelter. I cry when those Humane Society commercials come on. Just the other night I threw the car in park, hopped out and chased a black cat out of the street so it wouldn’t get hit. I love animals more than I love people most of the time. So I had to laugh. But as designers who work in fur, I was really curious about how they deal with the backlash. So I asked. Their response: “Don’t tell us what to do. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.”

And I have to say, I agree. I don’t eat burgers, but I’m not going to sit and lecture you for having one. But I might steal a fry or two.