Lululemon Colab Lands in the U.S.

{Future Varsity Pullover Sweatshirt: c/o Lululemon ColabLeggings: LululemonBeanie: c/o TwittenShoes: Vans. Future Varsity Bra (seen below): c/o Lululemon ColabCollaborative photography effort by me and kiddo.}

Behold, Lululemon Colab for the first time ever in the States! What’s Colab, you ask? As a self-professed Lululemon junkie, I have to admit I had no idea what it was either. Apparently, there is a magical factory in Canada that makes what is basically bespoke Lululemon. This heaven on earth is known as the Lululemon Lab. And for the first time ever, the Lab released a collection, called Colab, which made its U.S.A. debut last week. The collection arrived in the Southeast at Lululemon South Miami. And I was there, hosting the event, to help introduce Lululemon fans to the line.

The collection is both cool and functional. Think zippers concealing hoods, extended sides of mesh and more. Each of the pieces, which include two pairs of pants, a hoodie, a sweatshirt, a skirt, two tanks and a sports bra, are available in black and navy.

The collection is super limited edition, so expect it to go like the wind (aka scoop it up while you still have the chance.)

See not all things that come from Canada (Justin Bieber) to Miami are a drag.

{Last pic photographed by kiddo!}