Love Diane

DVF now available at Gap Kids.

Yesterday, thanks to a reminder from my awesome friend Vanessa Krelstein, I hopped over to Gap Kids for the launch of DVF. I first heard about the line some time ago and as soon as I did one thought went through my mind: I hope it fits me, too. Confession: I totally snatched up Stella McCartney’s kids’ line from her Gap collection. And I had every intention of doing the same with DVF, in addition to buying up a few pieces for my little love bug.

The clothes.

The cupcakes.

You see, just about the only awesome thing about being the size of an overgrown 12 year old is being able to fit into their clothes when things like designer collections for kids roll around. There’s also a whole other angle about being able to slip through crowds, but for the most part that gets quashed by the fact that you can’t ever see anything at concerts or gatherings and people step on you all the time like you don’t exist. You can’t reach anything and the seamstress is my best and most well-paid friend. But I digress …

So after assessing what would work for my almost 4-year-old, I looked into what would work for me. A lot of the prints were too juvenile for my taste, which happens when you try to squeeze someone my age into clothes for the Nickeloden crowd. Up first, this little printed number.

Cute, but not really me. Would totally work for my kiddo, though.

Sadly, the wrap jumpers were cut too short in the torso for me to rock, otherwise, I would have taken the orange and white one home with me. But the kids options didn’t disappoint. Things do have a tendency to run a little on the small side, so size up. The shoes are amazing, but were the first things to go. The quality seems very decent and the price (around $40 to $50 for dresses) is a steal for DVF. All in all, I was really pleased with the collection. And this is what I brought home, which thrilled my daughter, who ran through the house screaming, “Diane von Furstenberg.” Like mother, like daughter.

Orange wrap romper.

Our final picks: Kiddo in green and mommy in bold yellow.

Yup, that’s me with the legendary DVF herself.