Long Live the Mullet Skirt

Flipping through some end-of-year lists the other day, I came across a trends-we’ll-most-regret-wearing-in-the-future slideshow on Refinery29. And on it were, much to my dismay, mullet skirts. It says they are adored by bloggers, so maybe that’s where the attachment comes from, but I think the high-low skirt is one of the sexiest things you can have in your closet. Party in the front, lady in the back.  The look actually originated in the Victorian era, when the back of dresses were called fish tails. Clearly, it has staying power. And I won’t be retiring mine any time soon.

{Touch Boutique jacket. Vintage corset top. Blush Boutique high low skirt. Steve Madden platform wedges. Lola James cuffs.}

Photographed by David Marc Harris.