Long Live the ’70s

I have a philosophy about clothes: It’s not fun to wear your own vintage. I grew up in the ’80s, so, for the most part, I detest ’80s clothes. Some things, like printed denim, will always be cool, but after looking back on pics of yourself in multihued neon things and bows the size of small aircrafts, you know better than to be a repeat offender. But the ’70s. Oh, I love the ’70s.

By the time I entered the world at the tail end of the ’70s, I missed out on all the cliche trends. I’d watch reruns of Jack and Janet in their groovy, highwaisted bottoms, Mrs, Roper in her tribal muumuus, Flo in her polyester uniforms. And then I’d go and slip into my mesh top and tight-rolled jeans. I was clearly born a little too late.

But those dated fashions stayed with me. And somehow prime-time ’70s sitcoms became the catalyst to my fashion passion. Thankfully, in a world of ’80s-esque skinny jeans (which I’ve learned to love), bootcut skinnies have made an appearance. These high-waisted ones from J Brand bring a flair for one of my favorite decades, too. Dig?

{J Brand jeans. American Apparel bodysuit. House of Harlow heels. Lanvin scarf. Danielle Nicole Kate Fringe Hobo bag. Vintage hat and armful of bangles.}