Four Finds: The Bday Edition

It was a fabulous birthday week of fun at Maison Milly and Me. My beautiful friends gifted me with treasures I’m eager to share. Here are a few of my faves. This Living Locket from The Wordy Girl is so cute I can barely stand it. Plus, she personalized it for me with symbolic little charms. I’ve worn it twice and been stopped a handful of times with, “What is that and where did you get it.” Find it at Living Lockets.

I gifted this one to myself. It’s a beautiful lavender plant from the green market. Given my amazing ability to kill orchids in a single bound, I finally decided to switch to something else to see if my green thumb is officially black or if I just have a special gift for annihilating orchids. I’ll let you know if this survives the week.

Obvi this adorable stationary is from my bestie Nadine. She created her own stationary line a bit back, and I was lucky enough to score some for my bday. Check out her cute and quirky stationary at Paper Heart Media.

It’s like living in a bakery when this gift burns. It even smells divine without striking the wick. Find this candle from DW home.