Lights, Camera, Action: Essie's Poppy Razzi Collection Launches today

Say cheese!

I love nail polish. Say what you will about my love affair with paint in a bottle, but it’s a little ray of sunshine that recharges me once applied. The latest collection from Essie, Poppy Razzi, is no exception. These bright, bold colors are perfect for summer. And just what we need in the middle of all this Miami weather doom and gloom.

The latest series, a play on camera-toting paparazzi, consists of four poppin’ shades with florescent pigments to catch and reflect more light:

Lights: a mind-blowing bright pink

Camera: red with neon pink tendencies

Action: traffic-stopping orange

Bazooka: a hot red, orange

The collection ($8 each) launches today, which means I’ll have it on my fingers and toes tomorrow. Get ready, Mercy (that’s my manicurist), here I come!

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