Electric Blogarella Bella Liana de Mena

{Meet Liana.}

The perfect bun, the Peter Pan collar, the two-toned shoes—the minute Liana de Mena walked into Neiman Marcus at Merrick Park for the Skaist Taylor viewing, I knew she was Bella material. I’ve known Liana for almost as long as I’ve been a Miamian. We met at a book club a decade and change ago, where we discussed chick lit that I only pretended to read. (I hate chick lit almost as much as I hate chick flicks.) Nevertheless, the company was great, worth tolerating bad literature for. Ever the savvy business gal, this entrepreneur (she started her own company along with a gal pal) and event planner in Miami isn’t above raiding her sister’s closet and turning a table of ladies who lunch into bun-craving hair harpies. Deets below, so get reading.

Name: Liana de Mena

Claim to Fame: Owner of The Agency Events.

Wearing: J. Crew ballet two-tone flats. J Brand jeans. Gucci belt. Forever 21 top.

Sum up your style: Ever changing.

Most treasured item in your closet: My wedding dress—Oscar de La Renta perfection.

Secret shopping go-to spot: My younger sister Claudia’s closet.

Beauty tip: Drink lots of water, have regular facials and keep the dermatologists number on speed dial.

When you were a kid you wanted to be: A doctor.

Never leave home without your: Three things: my wedding ring, cell phone and Lorraine Schwartz evil eye tennis bracelet.

At the top of your fashion wish list is: A fabulous dress for my brother-in-laws wedding and an everyday jean jacket.

Currently addicted to: The perfect bun. (Deets on how to get it here.)

Last song you listened to: This sounds crazy, but I hardly ever listen to the radio.