Happy Fourth Anniversary to Leggings Lounge

{Wearing Phat Buddha leggings from Glimpse. Photographed by @thelouiscollection}

Leggings Lounge is back. Admittedly, it’s my favorite thing about summer in Miami, which is why I was beyond thrilled to host the fourth anniversary. Thinking back, I’ve hosted every opening of the free yoga and happy hour event since its inception. How cool is that?

This year, I walked into the first meet up of the fourth season at Paradise Plaza Event Space in the Design District. There were pops of pink everywhere. And when I say everywhere I mean down to people’s brows. Leggings Lounge partnered with European Wax Center and its Raise a Pink Brow Against the Pink Tax (essentially how women’s products at the same size and even from the same brands cost more). To raise awareness, they were on hand painting people’s brows pink. How fun are pink brows?

We all hit our pink mats and let Kino from Om Stars guide us into Zen-ful pretzel shapes. I brought Milly along with me. Milly is a self-professed yoga hater. Which kills her mothers yoga-loving soul. But for the first time ever Milly actually jumped in and managed to do about 70 percent of the class. She was nervous, telling me, “I’m not flexible like you. People will laugh at me. I can’t do that.” I explained to her that yoga isn’t a competition. It it’s about what your neighbor can do. It’s something inside you you try to be a little better at with each class. It’s something inside you that forces you to shut out the outside world and focus on your breath. It’s something inside you that causes you to learn how strong, determined and free you are. Wow, I’m such a mom. A yogi mom.

Afterward, the class headed outside to the bar to have Effen vodka and Raw Juice cocktails and shop the awesome leggings from Glimpse.  All in all, not a bad Wednesday night. But with yoga and cocktails, how can you go wrong? Come May 30th to the next Leggings Lounge and see for yourself. 

{A big thanks to Yoana for letting me be a part of this year after year.}